It's the little things

It's September first and I am left sitting here wondering where in the world my year went. I will always remember my Dad telling me when I was young, "Don't grow up too fast, because when you're an adult, the days go by fast and you have a lot more responsibilities." Boy...is that statement true! It seems that every year that passes, the days zip by faster and faster... And most of those days I am so caught up in my own world and the busy-ness of work, school, and family, that I forget about the little things in life and even the big things that matter most. Like how much I enjoy being woken up by a warm little puppy licking my hand, or how much I love hugging my brother, or when I sit with a bunch of women who love Jesus and am reminded that He is constantly pursuing me, even when I do the mundane tasks that everyday life requires.

I decided after the summer semester of school to take the fall off to relax and enjoy life with out the stresses of getting homework done or going to class. And I couldn't be more grateful to my mentor and Mom (in this season of life) for encouraging me to do so. She said, "Autumn, you're tired, I see it in your eyes. Take the semester off...it's okay to take a break every once in a while so you don't get burnt out." I didn't realize how burnt out I was until I saw many of my friends commenting on school starting and I wasn't...and you know what? I love not being in school right now! I love that I get to soak up all those little moments again. I love that I get to enjoy my evenings again. I love that I get to start baking and making crafts and Christmas presents. I love that I have time to decorate my apartment. I love that I have time to go to women Bible studies, meet new faces, and grow in my relationship with Jesus. I love that I'm a nanny on Tuesdays and I get to play legos, lincoln logs, and color with a 4 year old who reminds me of my brother when he was little. I love that along with playing with Campbell, I get to hold, snuggle, and play with his 6 month old sister Reese. Oh, the joys of being with children all day! Makes me want to be a mommy...but that will come soon enough :)

Anyways, all that to say, enjoy the little things in life. Stop every once in a while, take a deep breath, and know that your Creator is constantly in pursuit of you...even when you're just doing the little things and/or when you're so busy with life that you don't feel like He's there. This is something that I was reminded of the other night and it's something that I, too, have to do. 

Be blessed today!

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