Fun Fotos

I love pictures SO much. Any type of photo...family, nature, fun, books, characters...you name it, I love it! I want to get into photography as a hobby and I will once I get a camera...which I will for Christmas and I could not be MORE excited! I mentioned to my Dad what I wanted and he said, "that'll be the only thing you get this year." And I was perfectly fine with that :) Well, as long as I have some fun stuff in my stocking too! So, because I love pictures so much...here are some I found that I love and wanted to share. They're all mostly just for fun and because they all made me happy in some sort of way....

Totally fun library! Could you imagine this in your office?!
I thought this was just so fun! Plus, I love anything yellow.
Schroeder and Lucy are two of my favorites from Charlie Brown!
I love mugs and I love Paris
To this day, Cinderella is still my favorite Disney princess
Okay, so how fun would it be to hang onto an umbrella and fly?!
Books, books, books. They make me happy! I will have my own library one day
So romantic
Giraffe tongues make me laugh
Ron is my favorite character from Harry Potter
A cup of tea and a good conversation makes my heart full!
Such a fun idea...I may steal it one day!
.The End.

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