Bored at work means......

finding more fun pictures :) Sorry if I bore you with random picture blogs, but I just love photos!

Don't these look absolutely YUMMY!

Hm...so good

I have a thing for lanterns
Oh boy, so true...in my opinion at least

Such a CUTE and fun, and tasty idea!

I would like these two puppies please

One day, I want to capture a moment like this

Halloween is one of my most favorite times to go to Disneyland. Christmas is #1 and always will be!

Pretty much the greatest Halloween movie ever.

So lovely

Good ole Cali! Hopefully I can make it back there next summer

I will make my dogs do this one day too. HA!
So so true

Just thought it was quite humorous

I think there will be a picture of books every time I do this. I just love books

I'm stealing this idea

Let's go on a vacation here!


Pretty tree

Pictures like this make me feel so blessed to have the name Autumn.

Candy Corn anyone?

Paris Toms? I think I shall own a pair one day
Leaves, leaves, and more leaves

A good reminder for my head. Yesterday is just that....yesterday.

One of my favorite movies

Life is quite the journey if I may say so myself


I would LOVE to be that person on the bike. What a ride that would be!

This little piggy went to the market...
What's the best part about rain? Playing in the puddles. Duh!

I could kiss him right between the eyes

Not a kitty fan, but this one is oh so stinkin' adorable!

What's on my mind? In N Out. It'll be a year in December since I've tasted such an amazing burger.

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