Monday=My Day

It's Monday. I really hate Mondays. Well, most Mondays I hate. Today is different though. I only had to work a half day, which in my book, is a GREAT day. Any day that I don't have to sit in front of a computer, well, my work computer at least, is a great day! I would much rather sit in front of my own personal computer, in a coffee shop (like Jives, which is where I'm at currently) then at any old desk, any day. The only part about this that I'm hating more than anything is the huge spider crawling back and forth across the window sill. I think it's just waiting for the opportune moment to leap at me and eat my face! Okay, so that really won't happen....but still...it could.
     There's lovely Christmas music playing, it's a whopping 61 degrees outside (okay, really? It's almost Christmas and it's so warm. Come on Colorado.), and the voices of chatter is all around me. Oh, and there's a cute little old homeless man sitting across from me who I notice keeps glancing over in between falling asleep and reading his book. And not to mention, the young kid who sat outside the window continually trying to get my attention with the "call me" sign. Yeah, not going to happen kid! Also, you showing me your tongue ring was very offensive and well, down right disgusting. Thank you walking away with all your little buddies. I can now enjoy my mango smoothie and turkey sandwich without your eyes undressing me.
     Anyways, back to the moral of this blog....actually I don't think there really is one...not yet at least!
I really had no idea what I was going to do this afternoon with all the time I was going to have. Being single again has definitely been a challenge when it comes to not having any one to hang out with; either everyone's working or with their families or significant others. It's been hard, but I'm slowly learning, ha! I was already down on this side of town, so I decided, "why not go into Jives, set up camp for a few hours, and enjoy a smoothie?" I am so glad I did! My creative juices seem to be flowing and I am desperately praying that I can save up enough money in the next couple months to get a camera (along with a tattoo and still save money for a Mac...oh why is the world so expensive?). It would be the perfect day to walk around, snapping pictures, and then sit here in Jives editing them...which I have yet to learn that part! I think the past couple days I've been so stuck in my apartment, thinking life was so lame (specially after finding out two of my friends from CA are now engaged), and wondering what the heck I'm doing in life. Well, you know what?! Life isn't lame, I just have to find the beauty in everyday. Even if that means spending the whole day by myself....which I really do hate, but am learning to be content. It's so lovely sitting here, writing out my thoughts, reading an amazing book ( The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning....read it.), journaling, texting my best friend, who I must say is the greatest guy ever! Tonight we're having a phone date...the first one in months and I could not be more excited!
     Anywhos...like the picture I posted, 'Mon' means 'Mine' and today truly is 'My Day.' My day to do whatever I want:
Like get my first bikini wax (which I did, and it really wasn't that bad at all!).
Sit in the greatest coffee shop in the Springs.
Talk about local music artists with Paul, the owners son.
Drink my mango smoothie.
Ignore the young kid who tried desperately to get my attention.
Smile at the old man across from me.
Laugh with my best friend...even if it's over text.
Fall in love with Jesus more and more.
Hang out with good friends tonight and make more Christmas cookies.
And get extremely excited that Christmas is in FIVE DAYS!
Where the heck did this year go?
I really have no idea.

So, here's to another Monday.
"My Day"

I'll be seeing you...

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