Silence is Golden

There are times when one should remain mum...
You know these times...
Yet it's so hard when you want to talk. 

Things you want to say...
Things you want explained...
Things you need to know...
But yet it's best to keep quiet.

{after this weekend, I have so many questions that I want answered}

For in the end, if you don't get your answers...
Then the answers were never meant to be shared. 

"He who does not understand your silence,
will probably not understand your words."
-Elbert Hubbard


The 26th =

MY BIRTHDAY!!! Happy 22nd Birthday to ME! 
I can't wait to write about all the fun-ness that's going to take place today :)


Laugh As Much As You Breathe

"Ever been misunderstood...misused...or misled... 
Ever knocked on the sky & had it fall on your head?
Well, don't worry 'bout it...DON'T WORRY!!
-via SheDaisy
{take the road less traveled}

"Life is funny...life's a mess" they go on to sing...
But through these obstacles we must ENJOY...
And NOT worry 'bout a thing...
For it is our laughter...our smiles in which...
We share with each other that make each day...
That much more special & alive :)

"Life may not be the party that we hoped for,
but while we're here we should dance."



I bought a new plaid shirt yesterday. I never wear plaid....
One: because it's not typically what I buy
Two: because a boy I liked didn't like plaid...so hence, I never bought it
But today, I am thoroughly enjoying my plaid shirt.

I started thinking about life again (um...I actually never stop thinking about life) as I'm sitting here at work eating my sweetly covered in something delicious, crunchy peanuts (which is totally random because I usually hate peanuts). I started thinking of all the fun adventures I've been having as of late and how much I really just love life. I think by far my favorite moments have been driving up mountains at 1am to see the city lights. I've done this twice with friends and I can't tell you how much I've loved it! I've had a fascination with city lights for the longest time....probably since I went on the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland for the first time when I was 5 years old and throughout the ride you're "sailing" over the city lights that Disney precisely placed below you. I also love flying at night for the same reason; because I feel like I am "sailing" over the city. Which obviously means that I am SO ecstatic that I have a flight that leaves at night on Thursday!
The simplicity of sitting on a boulder (or in a car, since it's been very cold lately at 1am), listening to music, and looking at the city is overwhelmingly...well, simple. Life has been so complicated the past several years...even before I moved here to Colorado. I think the last time life was 'simple' was when I was 12. I tell ya, once you become a teenager, life becomes so complicated. Between "becoming a woman," the new found world of boys, drama with friends, high school, and for some of us, a not-so-perfect family...life is just so not simple. I miss the days of not stressing over life, and in a way, I feel like this is exactly what that season of life is all about. No stress. Yeah, I constantly think about finances and how I'm going to afford life...that's just one 'stress' that I think I'll always have to deal with...unless I marry someone who has a lot of money (like Cam Gigandet), but that probably won't happen :) Anyways....I'm loving the simple life I have right now. Wake up late for work, get to work late (I gotta get better at this), look for a new job, talk to work people most of the day and not get any work done (haha), have lunch dates or coffee dates with several people throughout my week, leave work, and do whatever it is I feel like doing at night. Simple. No school, no family (except talking to my Dad every evening), no relationship stress. Just me. And Jesus. Taking one day at a time...enjoying the simple life!

This is today...plaid&simple


Real Friend

Disclaimer: I stole this from another persons blog...because I loved it.

"A real friend is someone who will help you move. A real friend is someone you can trust. A real friend is someone who you usually see on a regular basis. A real friend wants what is best for you. A real friend will tell you what you need to hear even if it sucks. A real friend knows something about love. A real friend is not selfish. A real friend can apologize and accept an apology. A real friend is there for you 24/7. A real friend will push you to be a better person. A real friend is cool with not hanging out if you are sick of seeing each other. There are a lot of things that make a real friend. We live in a world of artificial friendships, where the term friend refers to an acquaintance more-so than an actual friend. I have heard the saying “it takes a friend to be a friend”, and I would argue that you have to be a real friend to have a real friend. Cheers to the real friends of the world. " -Stephan Hogan

This song came to mind out of the blue, so I listened to it, and it made me happy!



A couple days ago I received a text message from my dear friend Kim asking if I wanted to have a craft date with her. Of course, I did not hesitate to respond quickly with a, "YES! I would LOVE that!" So, we decided that Saturday was going to be our craft date. I couldn't wait for Saturday to come around! She sent me links to a few craft blogs that she looks at on a regular basis, and I took my dear sweet time to look at all the crafts these random women created. I was overwhelmed with the creative juices flowing around in my head! You see, both Kim and I had talked before about how we want to become more crafty and I decided that in this time of "finding myself" and recreating areas in my life, crafts was a hobby I could take up and afford, and not only that, I've always wanted to find the crafty side of me, more so than just scrap-booking :)

So, Saturday rolled around, Kim showed up at my apartment, and we were off...off to Hobby Lobby to get all the supplies we needed! (I swear...every time I go to Hobby Lobby I experience what is known as a Craftgasm).We spent so much time there, looking at fabric, buttons, felt, paper, baskets, you name it, we looked at it! After picking out the fabric we wanted and everything else, we decided to stop by Starbucks to say 'Hi' to Kim's hubby and get some coffee. It was a perfect day for a Grande Soy Vanilla Latte and one of their new breakfast sandwiches. After we ate and chatted...it was off to my apartment for some craftiness!!!

Here are the pictures of what we made!

These are bookmarks made from cut up pages from a book, linen, fabric, buttons, and thread! SO easy and so much fun! And what great gifts they will make :)

Easy peasey felt flowers that you can attach to anything! I will make quite a few of these, all different colors, and sew them onto a pillow that will look FABulous on my couch :) Or even in my room with my new duvet cover...or as a friend of mine called it, a comforter condom. Hahahahahaha!

This is a fabric flower, with buttons hot-glued in the middle. This will also be sewn onto a really cute pillow! I'm thinking like a yellowy-orangish colored pillow. SO stinkin' easy as well! A piece of linen with half circle pieces of fabric hot glued, with buttons. The longest part of it was cutting out the fabric, but even then it wasn't  that long. Hot glue it all together and BAM! Add it to a pillow and you will have the cutest, easiest, and really cheap presents ;) I'll post a picture when I find that right pillow!

I do believe these "Craft Dates" will become a regular thing for Kim and I. It's always so much more fun when you have a friend to enjoy things with :) Thank you Kim for spending the day with me! I can't wait to do it again.

OH! And Kim also found a blog on how to make "sew-less curtains." So my next project is to make curtains for my living room! YAY! :) I'll post pics when that's done too ;)


I found

the greatest pair of gloves! I want a pair of these. I shall search until I find :)


I Am

I am valuable
I am worth so much more than I could imagine
I am loved
I am smart
I am beautiful
I am deserving of authentic romance
I am special
I am worth being pursued
I am worth the wait

It truly amazes me how God places people in my life, people I would never have guessed I would grow so close to, to speak such life and encouragement. Last night I had a heartfelt conversation with a very special friend, who took the time to remind me of all the things I am. I lost sight of these things. I entrusted my value and worth to human hands, only to be disappointed and hurt. And this came as a surprise to me? Really? ugh. My God. My Saviour. Who created me in His own image....created the beautiful person I am. I am to entrust my soul, my heart, my everything to Him and Him alone. I know these things in my head (most days), but that 18" to my heart, psh, it's a doozy. I desire to truly, 100% know in my heart that I am worth the world. Who am I to think that I deserve less than the best?! Really? I know who I am in Christ. I know I am special. Why would I give my heart to men who don't deserve it? Because I am a human who is (slowly) learning what it means to let Christ fill that place in my heart. 

I needed to be reminded of the things I am. I needed to be up till 4am thinking about what it truly means to be pursued, to be valuable, to be deserving of authentic romance, to be called beautiful for who I am on the inside....and to think upon the day that I will let a man into my heart again, who treats me with the utmost respect and unconditional love I so desire, and deserve. 

And I truly will wait as long as I need to, to find a male, a man, my future husband, who truly appreciates me, cherishes me, loves me, pursues me, and would lay down his life for me....just like Christ calls him to.



This is something that I've been trying to get into the habit of saying...I would rather say "I will" then "I wish" and have my mind filled with things that I think are impossible to accomplish. I'm young and have my whole life in front of me...why not take the chance now to try everything instead of sitting back and not taking any chances at all? I want my life to be exciting, filled with adventures, and take those chances...even if they're scary ones :)

So. I will...
Apply for a new job (tonight...no more waiting...it's time! and this is scary)
Move into a house with roommates
Meet new friends
Go to new places, like The Golden Bee (which is definitely a new favorite place in town!)
Get my ballet slippers out and get back into dance
Go back to school in the fall
Take a road trip to....somewhere
Fly to California to see my friends and family
Celebrate my 22nd birthday as if it were my last one
Seriously set money aside for a backpacking trip across Europe in 2012. This will happen.

The list goes on and on of "wills." Maybe I should actually sit down and write then all down...I think that's a grand idea.


Another Goodbye

Today was the day I've been dreading for quite a while. It was another day that I had to work at not letting my sad thoughts get to me...and another day that ends in tears.

I had to say "goodbye" to my wonderful puppy Gracie Lou.

I knew the day was coming when I would have to find her a new home, and today was that day. I posted her on Craigslist yesterday and a couple hours later received an email from a women looking for another dog. She asked if she could come see Grace after work and after much hesitation, I agreed. The lady showed up today at 5:30, asked some questions, played with her, and before I knew it...I was packing up all Gracie's stuff in a brown paper bag, putting her harness and leash on, and watching my baby being walked away with someone other than me. I slowly closed the front door, locked it, and cried my eyes out. Good thing my Dad wasn't busy at the time so I could cry over the phone with him and hear his encouraging words. He reminded me that I had Gracie at the exact time I needed her. I've had her living in the apartment with me for almost a year (would've been a year on my birthday) and throughout that year, a lot happened. She was there when I needed something to hug, or yes, even times to talk to :) I had her for 6 years and she was one of the best dogs I've ever had. I will (and do) miss her so very very much, but I know it was the best decision. With me moving in the summer and having such a busy life as of late, and then going back to school in the fall, she needed a family that would take good care of her, who had other dogs, and a backyard. She'll be a much happier puppy!

Feels like there have been lots of "goodbyes" lately, but it's another thing that I have to let go of and I know, without a doubt, it was a good decision. My heart is sad now, and will be for a while, but it'll get easier as time goes on; just like everything else in life.

Miss Gracie Lou....Mommy will miss you lots



"Drench yourself with words unspoken, 
Live your life with arms wide open,
Today is where your book begins,
The rest is still unwritten."

 Sometimes people are so very  unpredictable, and there are days where life decides to throw a curve-ball....right at the moment you least expect it. Of course! I wouldn't have it any other way (this is not sarcasm). The mere fact that I have no idea what my future looks like, excites me to no end. God already knows how my story will unfold and how it will end, but me? Yeah...no idea! Each second of everyday is a moment that is written in my life's history. Weird. Have you ever thought about that? Every second, of every day that passes, will forever be your story. Actually, when I really stop to think about it, like I am right now (because I'm the only one in my office and I have the time to really think about it), it's scary! Every thing I chose to do, goes down in history. And really, everything is a choice. Do I not eat lunch today or do I? (I'm battling this one right now actually...and I'm starving, so you think I'd pick to eat, but I haven't decided yet). Do I respond to that text or let it go? Do I go thrift-ing tonight, even though I don't really have any extra money? Do I plan something for my birthday or just be content with whatever happens? Oh, and then there are all the questions pertaining to the future, like: Do I apply here or there for a job? Do I even attempt to get into the University I want to go to or maybe Bible college is where I need to go? And about a bizillion other questions/choices I have swirling around in my brain.
I mean really...EVERYTHING is a choice. And you can't escape it. It's a fact of life. Everything you choose becomes a part of your story. I only hope that my story is one that changes people, and maybe, one day, even the World. 
So, here's to a day of choices. Here's to knowing that everything I do today will be apart of my story. Forever. Here's to enjoying that I have no idea what my future holds, but I know Who holds my future and that's all I need to know.

The unwritten story of Autumn Rae...sheesh, I better make it good. No pressure :)


Finding Myself

Lately, as in, these past couple months, I have been on quite the journey to "find myself." I seem to have lost who I really am in the midst of the pain and brokenness that has filled my life for the past couple years. I also became someone else for a while...that someone else was controlling, stressed, full of anxiety, and not happy. Not a pretty picture. Not a pretty girl.

The quest to find myself again has been very exhilarating! Both internally and externally I am changing things...experiencing newness...becoming the woman I want to be, the woman the Lord wants me to be.

The first changes, of course, have been in my heart. Studying the Bible, spending countless hours in Starbucks, Panera Bread, and in bed, reading books about God's love, having a pure heart, lies that we women tend to believe about ourselves and about the Lord, and the furious longing that God has for me. A good friend introduced me to a song called 'Dance with Me' by Chris Quilala last week and this song has been on my heart and mind ever since.

"Behold You have come over the hills, upon the mountain to me, You will run My Beloved, You've captured my heart. Won't you dance with me, Oh Lover of my soul, to the song of all songs. Romance me, Oh Lover of my soul, to the song of all songs."

Hmm...aren't the lyrics so captivating? Please listen to the song if you have a few minutes.
It's loverly! 
To have the Lord become my Lover and my Romancer again....no one else but Him, captivating my heart, longing to be my everything...feelings I haven't felt in a very long time. The internal changes that seem to be happening are more than I can handle some days, but more exciting than I can express. I hung out with the friend that introduced me to that beautiful song last night, and I told him that for the first time in a very long time, I am happy. Genuinely happy.

External changes have been so incredible too! I chopped all my hair off...like the shortest it's EVER been. Colored it almost black with crazy blonde streaks (I'm doing a photoshoot on Saturday, so pictures will be posted shortly after). Next week, my dear friend, and I are going to get something new pierced, and we've already been down to Westside Tattoo to talk to artists about getting our designs drawn. I'm meeting with another friend this Saturday morning to talk about getting my diet in order, so that I can get back on track to eating healthy and gaining a few pounds. I started exercising a couple days a week; I'll start exercising more when I get my eating on track, so that I don't lose more weight, haha. Oh, and I think I'll be signing up for a Ballet class again, which will be so great to get back into dancing! New glasses and contacts are on the list of things to get as well.

All new changes, for an all new Autumn, in an all new season of life. 
I am loving this. 
I am loving the unknown things that are about to take place.
I am happy.
And have been told that I even look happier! 
I like that. 
I like finding myself again.


Let It All Out

Relient K has been my favorite band since 7th grade. I have every CD of theirs, have seen them in concert, got to meet them (them being Matt Thiessen, Matthew Hoopes, Brian Pittman, and Dave Douglas) when I was in 8th grade, I have band paraphernalia (including signed stickers and t-shirts, and my brother has signed drum sticks), and have had a crush on Dave Douglas, the drummer from 2000-2007, since I heard them for the first time. But that last part won't come as a surprise to some of you, because my close friends know that I am a women of many crushes...typically musicians :)

So, now you know how much I love this band.

Well, the past few days I have heard them come on the radio, while I'm sitting in Chili's eating with work people, and on my iPod when I turn it on in the mornings, on shuffle, might I add. I also have randomly had their songs pop into my head and will sing a chorus, or the whole song, over and over, until something else pops into my mind. As I was walking my dog this morning, I started singing, out of the blue, "Let It All Out" from their Mmhmm album. And in a moment of stopping so Grace could pee, I realized what I was singing, and how significant the lyrics are to my life right now. (I'm only going to dissect a couple parts, cause if I were to do the whole song, this blog would be SO long. But I think you'll get the gist of it after reading the parts I share!)

"And you said, I know this will hurt,
But if I don't break your heart, then things will just get worse,
If the burden seems too much to bear, Remember,
The end will justify the pain it took to get us there."

A close friend of mine had a vision of me two days after I went through my break up. She told me about this vision, and it brought me to tears. Gosh, just writing it out, I know is going to make me tear up. She said, "Autumn, the Lord gave me a vision of you today, I've never really had a vision before, so take it however you want to, but it spoke to me too. You were sitting there, and the sky opened up above you and the Lord looked down on you and said, 'Autumn, I have to show you what real pain feels like, what it looks like, so that you learn to completely trust Me and the plans I have for you.'"

Real pain. Hm. I feel like these past two years have been nothing but pain. There have been glimpses of joy here and there, but nothing that filled my heart with real joy. The Lord knew that I had to go through hurt; I had to go through it for growth. He had to break my heart; if He didn't, things really would have continued to get worse...I really do see this now. And I know that in the end, all the pain I've had to walk through, will turn into (and it already is) something so beautiful. I'll be able to share my testimony with people and, hopefully, they will see the pain I had to walk through, and how the Lord turned that pain into real joy!

"Reach out to me,
Make my heart brand new,
Every beat will be for you, For you....
And I know you know
You touched my life
When you touched my heavy heart and made it light."

And He has done just that...the heavy heart that I have had for years (really... years!) is being made light. Because He has touched me, reached out to me....called me His own.

"Cause we're so scared to find out
What this life's all about,
So scared we're going to lose it
Not knowing all along,
That's exactly what we need"

I got comfortable in life. I had it all planned out and everything that didn't fit into my "perfect little plan" was scary and I pushed it away as fast as I could. And yes, I was scared to lose the life I had planned for myself, but like the song said, losing that life, is exactly what I needed! And I'll be honest, it sucks. It sucks real bad, but it's what I needed....

He knew it.
And I am so glad He did.
Because so many good things are about to happen!!

Hm....I hope that all made sense! :)
Here's the song! Please enjoy it!!!


sleepless long nights...

It's flippin' 1am and I'm sitting here in my bed, wide awake. WHY?! Because my brain doesn't know how to shut off. I hardly got any sleep last night, went back to work after being on vacation for almost two weeks, was completely exhausted when I got home, sat on the couch for hours watching the season premiere of 'The Bachelor' (which was FANtastic), got ready for bed, and was just to the point of falling asleep when.....I started thinking about how nice and cozy my room will be when it's all decorated....


This is what's keeping me up?! So, I turned on a movie to maybe help me fall asleep. Did it work? Nope. I decided I wanted to watch it because I absolutely love 'The Ugly Truth.' Finished the movie and did some facebook stalking....yes, I do this frequently. I know entirely too much about people I don't even talk to. Watch out! You might be my next victim ;)

Call me crazy.

And still, I sit here, sweating to death cause I'm too darned lazy to take my sweatshirt off, thinking about the dumbest things ever.

Like.....(you're going to think I'm nuts)
How far east can you go before heading west?
How fast do you have to travel in order for it to be daylight wherever you are?
Do dentists go to other dentists, or do they just check their teeth themselves?
Why is the alarm clock going "off" when it's actually just turning on?
Do bald men wash their head with soap or shampoo?
Why do people say things are "out of whack"? What the heck is a "whack?"
Why isn't the number 11 pronounced "onety one"?
How can sweet and sour sauce, be sweet and sour at the same time?

And that would be random thoughts with Autumn....there's more, but I'll spare whoever decides to read this ridiculous post.

I really am so tired. And so hungry. I want chips and guacamole. And a Blue Moon. And a sleeping pill. *sigh*
.the end.


"Another Year"

By John Kendall Seagrove

Another year has come and gone,
With all its hopes and fears,
To take its place in history's book,
With all its joys and all its tears.

What does the new year bring us now?
Prosperity? Poverty? War or peace?
Rapture? Blessing? Famine? Floods?
Bitter bondage? Sweet release?

We know not what the new year holds,
But we know the One who holds it.
We face the new year knowing this;
Out God is in control of it.

So, greet the new year with this mind;
'Tis ever closer to the day,
When Jesus comes to lift us up,
And take us home- with Him to stay.

This poem, along with countless others that I have obtained, are written by one of the most amazing men of God I think I have ever had the opportunity to meet. His name is John, but goes by the name 'Jack.' Him and his wife are the prayer leaders at New Life Church, and faithful to their ministry as ever. Every Monday morning, they walk the grounds of the church passing out prayer sheets to write down any prayer need you may have. And with the utmost confidence bring those requests to the Lord and wait for Him to answer. Along with these prayer sheets and, I can't forget to mention the hugs and smiles that seem to cheer me up more than anything else on a Monday morning, Jack passes out his poems and short stories. His poems are filled with so much love and joy, it truly is a blessing to read. He has tried to get his writings published, but nothing has worked out yet. I pray that before he passes (because he is very old, and the cutest old man ever!) that something of his will get noticed! I read this poem as I was eating my bagel and schmear (I just love that word!) and decided it was time for me to post one of his poems. I pray you enjoy his poem and are blessed as you read it....and I also pray that no matter what happens this new year, that you know, without a doubt, the Lord is in control of it all :)

I'll be seeing you......



2010 has come to an end, a New Year has begun. I really have no idea where the past year has gone; it seems to have escaped me. My Dad always said that as you get older, the days, months, and years go by faster and faster. This is so true! It seems like just yesterday I was in Denver with a bunch of people, watching fireworks and playing games, ringing in 2010. And today, I sit on my couch, in my sweats, surrounded by the smell of fresh baked pumpkin bread, watching football, wondering how in the world 2011 is already here.

A lot happened in 2010...so much actually that I can't even remember everything!
I turned 21, got drunk, and hated life. That was the most horrible birthday I could ever have had. Seriously though. I never want to relive the memories of turning the 'big' 2-1 again. Ever.
Valentines Day pretty much sucked as the boy I was in love with, wasn't in love with me. But the day ended with me making him dress in girl clothes in Walmart, with me taking pictures. The only revenge I could think of for him not doing anything for me for Valentines Day. Ha!
My brother turned 18!! It wasn't a great birthday for him either though. Mom was no where in the picture, so I took Tanner out to a movie and surprised him with a bunch of balloons! Even though it was a hard birthday, we had so much fun being the only ones in the movie theater, snapping pictures of us doing crazy things, haha! Through the pain, there still seemed to be joy and laughter!
The boy I loved asked me to be his girlfriend (again) come Easter. It was a joyous time! My heart was so very happy! Little did I know, this happiness would be short lived....
The summer was full of laying by the pool, camping, taking a stupid math class that made me want to kill myself (and no, I am not exaggerating...I just really hate math that much), hours of watching Hells Kitchen and making food, playing frisbee golf with friends just about every other day, my first backpacking trip (which was INSANE), going to a new church, getting involved in ministry, waiting for the boy to get a steady job, painting and redecorating my apartment, spending long days at the lake watching people wakeboard (which I have yet to try....:-/), laughter, arguments, family drama, no Mom, shopping, friends, and love. The list actually could keep going, but as of right now, that's all I really remember.
Come fall, things went from great to awful. I watched my brother make the decision to move back to California to be with Dad, which was totally his decision and a great one at that. It was hard to say goodbye though. I do miss having my immediate family in the same state as me.
The boy had finally got a job, which we had been waiting for for over two years, talk of marriage was all around, I spent hours looking at rings, dresses, decorations, you name it! Then everything turned for the worst, many many lies and hidden sins were brought to the light. Once again, it was me who found these lies out (this also happened with Mom) and had to confront someone I loved. The love I had for this boy ended. November 7th. Everything I had ever wanted or known, all my life plans, marriage, a family, a future with someone I had given everything to, was committed to...ended. And once again I had to go through the motions of sleepless nights, crying countless tears, not eating for days, meeting with people to talk through everything, and find the Lord's purpose and plan through all the heartache.
Thanksgiving was filled with friends, who I now call my family! Laughter, full tummies, football, naps, and pictures filled this special day, and also, filled my heart with joy. I may not have been with family, but sometimes, there are friends who are closer than family, and these friends, are just that!
December came and went faster than I could ever have imagined. My apartment was decorated with Christmas cheer, glitter, and candles :) There were tons of presents under the tree, wrapping paper everywhere, the smell of fresh baked cookies and pies and sweets almost every week, sunny weather, and knowing that the Lord was going to do some amazing things over the Christmas season! Though I had to endure much pain and hurt through November, December was filled with joy unspeakable! Prayers were answered, the faithfulness of the Lord was all around, thoughts and memories of the past were taken away, and I was surrounded by family. I saw my Mom and Grandma for the first time in almost a year, spent Christmas Day with my two favorite boys and my wonderful family, and was so blessed with fun presents! And to end all the wonderfullness....I got to talk to my best friend who I hadn't talked to in months and SNOW finally came!!

Yes, there was much pain and hurt through 2010, but looking back, I see how the Lord was preparing me for a much better plan. I often find myself planning out my life according to how I want things, not according to what the Lord has. Many many lessons were learned, lessons that will not soon be forgotten. My relationship with the Lord is stronger than ever before and for the first time in my life, I really have NO idea what I'm doing. And you know? I love it. I love not knowing what's going to happen today, or tomorrow, or in 6 months, or in the year 2011. I am SO excited to see what the Lord does, the places I get to go, the ministry I get to be involved in, the new friends I get to meet and the old ones I get to reconnect with, where He leads me for a new job, what school He takes me to, what I'm going to major in, the roommates He's going to bless me with....the list goes on and on.

So, here's to saying Au revoir to 2010 

I welcome you with open arms, an open heart, and an open mind.