This is something that I've been trying to get into the habit of saying...I would rather say "I will" then "I wish" and have my mind filled with things that I think are impossible to accomplish. I'm young and have my whole life in front of me...why not take the chance now to try everything instead of sitting back and not taking any chances at all? I want my life to be exciting, filled with adventures, and take those chances...even if they're scary ones :)

So. I will...
Apply for a new job (tonight...no more waiting...it's time! and this is scary)
Move into a house with roommates
Meet new friends
Go to new places, like The Golden Bee (which is definitely a new favorite place in town!)
Get my ballet slippers out and get back into dance
Go back to school in the fall
Take a road trip to....somewhere
Fly to California to see my friends and family
Celebrate my 22nd birthday as if it were my last one
Seriously set money aside for a backpacking trip across Europe in 2012. This will happen.

The list goes on and on of "wills." Maybe I should actually sit down and write then all down...I think that's a grand idea.


  1. Hey, I'm seriously going to set money aside for a backpacking trip across Europe in 2012, too...what a small world.

  2. Maybe we should like meet up somewhere in Europe and hang out for a day or two...or a few weeks...maybe even a couple months ;)