Another Goodbye

Today was the day I've been dreading for quite a while. It was another day that I had to work at not letting my sad thoughts get to me...and another day that ends in tears.

I had to say "goodbye" to my wonderful puppy Gracie Lou.

I knew the day was coming when I would have to find her a new home, and today was that day. I posted her on Craigslist yesterday and a couple hours later received an email from a women looking for another dog. She asked if she could come see Grace after work and after much hesitation, I agreed. The lady showed up today at 5:30, asked some questions, played with her, and before I knew it...I was packing up all Gracie's stuff in a brown paper bag, putting her harness and leash on, and watching my baby being walked away with someone other than me. I slowly closed the front door, locked it, and cried my eyes out. Good thing my Dad wasn't busy at the time so I could cry over the phone with him and hear his encouraging words. He reminded me that I had Gracie at the exact time I needed her. I've had her living in the apartment with me for almost a year (would've been a year on my birthday) and throughout that year, a lot happened. She was there when I needed something to hug, or yes, even times to talk to :) I had her for 6 years and she was one of the best dogs I've ever had. I will (and do) miss her so very very much, but I know it was the best decision. With me moving in the summer and having such a busy life as of late, and then going back to school in the fall, she needed a family that would take good care of her, who had other dogs, and a backyard. She'll be a much happier puppy!

Feels like there have been lots of "goodbyes" lately, but it's another thing that I have to let go of and I know, without a doubt, it was a good decision. My heart is sad now, and will be for a while, but it'll get easier as time goes on; just like everything else in life.

Miss Gracie Lou....Mommy will miss you lots

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