"Another Year"

By John Kendall Seagrove

Another year has come and gone,
With all its hopes and fears,
To take its place in history's book,
With all its joys and all its tears.

What does the new year bring us now?
Prosperity? Poverty? War or peace?
Rapture? Blessing? Famine? Floods?
Bitter bondage? Sweet release?

We know not what the new year holds,
But we know the One who holds it.
We face the new year knowing this;
Out God is in control of it.

So, greet the new year with this mind;
'Tis ever closer to the day,
When Jesus comes to lift us up,
And take us home- with Him to stay.

This poem, along with countless others that I have obtained, are written by one of the most amazing men of God I think I have ever had the opportunity to meet. His name is John, but goes by the name 'Jack.' Him and his wife are the prayer leaders at New Life Church, and faithful to their ministry as ever. Every Monday morning, they walk the grounds of the church passing out prayer sheets to write down any prayer need you may have. And with the utmost confidence bring those requests to the Lord and wait for Him to answer. Along with these prayer sheets and, I can't forget to mention the hugs and smiles that seem to cheer me up more than anything else on a Monday morning, Jack passes out his poems and short stories. His poems are filled with so much love and joy, it truly is a blessing to read. He has tried to get his writings published, but nothing has worked out yet. I pray that before he passes (because he is very old, and the cutest old man ever!) that something of his will get noticed! I read this poem as I was eating my bagel and schmear (I just love that word!) and decided it was time for me to post one of his poems. I pray you enjoy his poem and are blessed as you read it....and I also pray that no matter what happens this new year, that you know, without a doubt, the Lord is in control of it all :)

I'll be seeing you......

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