A couple days ago I received a text message from my dear friend Kim asking if I wanted to have a craft date with her. Of course, I did not hesitate to respond quickly with a, "YES! I would LOVE that!" So, we decided that Saturday was going to be our craft date. I couldn't wait for Saturday to come around! She sent me links to a few craft blogs that she looks at on a regular basis, and I took my dear sweet time to look at all the crafts these random women created. I was overwhelmed with the creative juices flowing around in my head! You see, both Kim and I had talked before about how we want to become more crafty and I decided that in this time of "finding myself" and recreating areas in my life, crafts was a hobby I could take up and afford, and not only that, I've always wanted to find the crafty side of me, more so than just scrap-booking :)

So, Saturday rolled around, Kim showed up at my apartment, and we were off...off to Hobby Lobby to get all the supplies we needed! (I swear...every time I go to Hobby Lobby I experience what is known as a Craftgasm).We spent so much time there, looking at fabric, buttons, felt, paper, baskets, you name it, we looked at it! After picking out the fabric we wanted and everything else, we decided to stop by Starbucks to say 'Hi' to Kim's hubby and get some coffee. It was a perfect day for a Grande Soy Vanilla Latte and one of their new breakfast sandwiches. After we ate and chatted...it was off to my apartment for some craftiness!!!

Here are the pictures of what we made!

These are bookmarks made from cut up pages from a book, linen, fabric, buttons, and thread! SO easy and so much fun! And what great gifts they will make :)

Easy peasey felt flowers that you can attach to anything! I will make quite a few of these, all different colors, and sew them onto a pillow that will look FABulous on my couch :) Or even in my room with my new duvet cover...or as a friend of mine called it, a comforter condom. Hahahahahaha!

This is a fabric flower, with buttons hot-glued in the middle. This will also be sewn onto a really cute pillow! I'm thinking like a yellowy-orangish colored pillow. SO stinkin' easy as well! A piece of linen with half circle pieces of fabric hot glued, with buttons. The longest part of it was cutting out the fabric, but even then it wasn't  that long. Hot glue it all together and BAM! Add it to a pillow and you will have the cutest, easiest, and really cheap presents ;) I'll post a picture when I find that right pillow!

I do believe these "Craft Dates" will become a regular thing for Kim and I. It's always so much more fun when you have a friend to enjoy things with :) Thank you Kim for spending the day with me! I can't wait to do it again.

OH! And Kim also found a blog on how to make "sew-less curtains." So my next project is to make curtains for my living room! YAY! :) I'll post pics when that's done too ;)


  1. YEA!!!! Sooooooo great! Seriously the perfect way to spend a Saturday!
    THANK YOU so much for crafting with me!!!!

  2. Thank you my friend! I can't wait for the next craft date!!! And this time with Mandy :)