I Am

I am valuable
I am worth so much more than I could imagine
I am loved
I am smart
I am beautiful
I am deserving of authentic romance
I am special
I am worth being pursued
I am worth the wait

It truly amazes me how God places people in my life, people I would never have guessed I would grow so close to, to speak such life and encouragement. Last night I had a heartfelt conversation with a very special friend, who took the time to remind me of all the things I am. I lost sight of these things. I entrusted my value and worth to human hands, only to be disappointed and hurt. And this came as a surprise to me? Really? ugh. My God. My Saviour. Who created me in His own image....created the beautiful person I am. I am to entrust my soul, my heart, my everything to Him and Him alone. I know these things in my head (most days), but that 18" to my heart, psh, it's a doozy. I desire to truly, 100% know in my heart that I am worth the world. Who am I to think that I deserve less than the best?! Really? I know who I am in Christ. I know I am special. Why would I give my heart to men who don't deserve it? Because I am a human who is (slowly) learning what it means to let Christ fill that place in my heart. 

I needed to be reminded of the things I am. I needed to be up till 4am thinking about what it truly means to be pursued, to be valuable, to be deserving of authentic romance, to be called beautiful for who I am on the inside....and to think upon the day that I will let a man into my heart again, who treats me with the utmost respect and unconditional love I so desire, and deserve. 

And I truly will wait as long as I need to, to find a male, a man, my future husband, who truly appreciates me, cherishes me, loves me, pursues me, and would lay down his life for me....just like Christ calls him to.


  1. Let this be every girls goal. I love you friend and enjoyed reading this so much. Can't wait to see u.

  2. Thank you for your encouraging words my friend! I too, can't wait to see you :) Next week! YAY!