I bought a new plaid shirt yesterday. I never wear plaid....
One: because it's not typically what I buy
Two: because a boy I liked didn't like plaid...so hence, I never bought it
But today, I am thoroughly enjoying my plaid shirt.

I started thinking about life again (um...I actually never stop thinking about life) as I'm sitting here at work eating my sweetly covered in something delicious, crunchy peanuts (which is totally random because I usually hate peanuts). I started thinking of all the fun adventures I've been having as of late and how much I really just love life. I think by far my favorite moments have been driving up mountains at 1am to see the city lights. I've done this twice with friends and I can't tell you how much I've loved it! I've had a fascination with city lights for the longest time....probably since I went on the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland for the first time when I was 5 years old and throughout the ride you're "sailing" over the city lights that Disney precisely placed below you. I also love flying at night for the same reason; because I feel like I am "sailing" over the city. Which obviously means that I am SO ecstatic that I have a flight that leaves at night on Thursday!
The simplicity of sitting on a boulder (or in a car, since it's been very cold lately at 1am), listening to music, and looking at the city is overwhelmingly...well, simple. Life has been so complicated the past several years...even before I moved here to Colorado. I think the last time life was 'simple' was when I was 12. I tell ya, once you become a teenager, life becomes so complicated. Between "becoming a woman," the new found world of boys, drama with friends, high school, and for some of us, a not-so-perfect family...life is just so not simple. I miss the days of not stressing over life, and in a way, I feel like this is exactly what that season of life is all about. No stress. Yeah, I constantly think about finances and how I'm going to afford life...that's just one 'stress' that I think I'll always have to deal with...unless I marry someone who has a lot of money (like Cam Gigandet), but that probably won't happen :) Anyways....I'm loving the simple life I have right now. Wake up late for work, get to work late (I gotta get better at this), look for a new job, talk to work people most of the day and not get any work done (haha), have lunch dates or coffee dates with several people throughout my week, leave work, and do whatever it is I feel like doing at night. Simple. No school, no family (except talking to my Dad every evening), no relationship stress. Just me. And Jesus. Taking one day at a time...enjoying the simple life!

This is today...plaid&simple

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