It's past midnight and I'm sleepy...

.struggling. crying. fearing.
I will sing...
"I come before You, so humbled and ashamed, but grateful through all this You still remain,
so I praise You, I lift You up and magnify Your name. Your worthy. So worthy.
You alone are Holy. Lord, You alone are worthy.
You alone are magnificent and worthy to be praised. You alone, You alone.
You alone, You alone God, You're the only thing that's good, that's pure, that is real in my life
And I love You, I love You.
I'm so sorry Lord for giving my life over to all these trivial things,
When you were right there in front of me,
Wanting me to just step into Your arms.
I'm sorry, but I'm here now God
You alone are Holy. Nothing else God, You alone are worthy
If You gave everything to me,
How can I try, to hold anything back from You Lord
Take my life, take my heart..."

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