Easter Sunday

Jesus is Alive! He has conquered death and the grave! He has Risen and because of Him, I have been set free :)

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground, cold temperatures, and a stuffy nose (still). I've been battling this cold for the past week and am ready for it to go away completely. Easter Sunday was a beautiful day, but hard in many ways. My Dad called me first thing in the morning, which was so lovely! I missed being with him and my family on this special Holiday. I was the "orphaned" child this year and because I didn't hear from my family that lives out here in the Springs with me, Best Friends family invited me over to eat and hang out with them. It was so nice to be with a family on Easter. Best Friend has two little sisters, so seeing them in their Easter dresses with their baskets full of plastic eggs and candy, was so much fun! Best friends step dad made a delicious meal; ham, mashed potatoes, pineapple gravy (a family recipe that was SO yummy!), green beans, and yams. It filled my tummy up!! I got to meet Leo, best friends step-dad's father (haha); he was the cutest old man. I couldn't help but smile and giggle every time he said something in his East Coast accent :) It was a full day that made me happy to have a family to be with...because I just love best friends family!

It was hard though...not being with my family. We have so many family traditions that I couldn't stop thinking about throughout the day. And just the mere fact that I wasn't with ANYONE from my own family...it hurt my heart. I have no idea why I didn't hear from my Aunt or Uncle (family drama...always). I texted my Mom to see if I could stop by to say Hi and give her a squeeze, but she was too busy...and the rest of my family is in California. Oh well. Easter isn't about the family, the food, the church you go to, or the new clothes you buy...it's simply about Jesus, dying to save the entire world. Even though my heart hurt and I was sad, there was a joy that filled my heart knowing that because He died, I can now live!!!

I pray you all had a blessed Easter Sunday filled with the joy that filled me, close family and friends, and some good eats ;) 

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