A quick update

Well, it's been quite a while since I've blogged...it seems like my mind has been running a million miles an hour, so much has happened, and I've been so completely exhausted that when I have a moment to blog...I can't seem to get my thoughts together. So...here's how I'll attempt at shedding a little light into my life, haha :)

Pros of the past week:
I still have my job (haha...long story)
Best friend had an interview at a design firm
I had the opportunity to have lunch and coffee dates with some of my girly friends
Got to meet best friends cousin and his wife that were out visiting from SoCal
And see best friends family for the first time in almost 6 months!
Spent some time in Starbucks reading and journaling...being challenged in many ways
Talked to my Grandma in CA...I just LOVE her so much
Met two more people at The Table on Sunday night :) Two very nice gals
Spent time with Ryann talking about her love life...or lack thereof ;)
Ate some of the tastiest cremesicles I've had in a long time

Cons of the past week:
Was a bit mouthy at work and thought I was going to lose my job :-/
Told my boss how I really felt about him being "the boss" :-/
Came down with a stupid head cold
Didn't plan my budgeting very well and was left with $2 in my account, hahahaha (good thing I get paid tomorrow)
Listened to best friend throw up while I was on the phone with him...yuck
Sat in a total of 6 hours of meetings the past week and a half. I'm so done with meetings.
Cried numerous times over my job, family stuff, and best friend stuff

So, there's a little bit of what has transpired over the past week or so :) And now...I'm ready for my three day weekend that is filled with shopping in Broomfield, hopefully playing some frisbee golf or tennis, and celebrating Jesus with family and friends!!!
I pray you all have an amazing Easter weekend :)

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