Father's Day

Father's Day is a bittersweet day for me. On one hand my brother and I get to spoil and love on my Dad for a whole entire day making sure he knows how much he's loved and cherished (although this should happen everyday) and on the other hand, it was the dreadful day my Mom made it very clear that she was done and divorcing Dad.....sigh.

My Dad is one amazing man! Yes, he's completely human and makes mistakes and says things he shouldn't, but he's also the man who has been a godly example to me my entire growing up and even more so the past two years. He's a man of humility, loyalty, and he's been the prime example of forgiveness. If it wasn't for having a steady solid man and father figure in my life, who knows where I would be! Since walking through the journey of James and I, Dad has been my number one, biggest supporter and the one to constantly remind me to forgive, let the past go, and see James how Christ sees him. It's been so very hard, but with Dad being the encouraging voice in my ear, I know that I can do it. I miss my Dad so very much and truly wish we lived in the same city....actually, the same state would be nice :) But this is only a season...and one day I'll get to see my Dad more than just once every few months. Just thinking about that makes my heart jump with joy!

Dad, if you ever read this, know how much I love you and cherish you and am so blessed to call you my Dad. Life just wouldn't be the same without you. And even though there are times I get annoyed with phone calls and the "dad questions", I really do appreciate them more than I let on. I don't think I will ever be able to get out of the habit of talking to you every day :) I miss you so much and love you and can't wait to squeeze your neck in July!!! Thank you for being my Dad, my encourage-er, my supporter (mentally, physically, and financially), and the one who makes me laugh by telling some of the most retarded jokes I've ever heard ;) 

I love you
{Dad and I...on the Father's Day that my Mom said she was done....this is a special picture, with a lot of memories attached...more than I could ever explain}


  1. Autumn thanks for sharing. You are so blessed. I never grew up with a dad and missed out on so much. Reading what you wrote about yours brought a tear to my eye. But, I want you to know that I bet your dad feels he is the blessed one to have the honor of being your dad. You're an amazing young woman.

  2. Autumn,

    This is BEAUTIFUL! You should share it with your dad! :)