Summer Dayz

Oh, the glorious days of drinking green tea frappuccinos, listening to young children splash in the pool, and basking in the warm sun rays whilst getting a summery glow to my ghostly white skin. It makes this girls heart very happy!

I have been waiting for sun filled days for months and months and months. You would think that after living in snowy Colorado for almost four years, this California girl would adjust to the weather changes, but I really haven't when I take time to think about it. Since resigning from my job in May, I have had the opportunity to take time for myself to lay out by the pool and enjoy some "me" time and it has been some of the best "me" time in a long time (beside for the nights I get to sit in a hot bubble bath with lots of candles filling the bathroom and soft music playing in the background...which are few and far between actually!). This afternoon I was laying out and there were only a few people out, which was really nice. There were only two loud children instead of 100, haha! But as I was lying there, I started thinking about the days of when my brother and I were little and we would spend hour upon hour out in the water. We would have races across the pool, see who could hold their breathe underwater the longest, have underwater-somersault competitions until we were so dizzy we couldn't see straight, and we would even pick on Mom when she was out laying on her floaty device trying to tan! We grew up in such an amazing neighborhood that all the kids would spend all afternoon and evening together in the summer, riding bicycles, skateboards, and roller-blades. Having water gun fights, playing hide-n-go seek till the street lights came on, slip and sliding down the front lawn, and even days where it would get so hot out, that we would all end up in someones house playing video games and eating Popsicle's. 

So many summer memories, so many pictures, so many laughs. It was so fun to lay out by the pool today, daydreaming about days of old, and thinking back on all the wonderful summer days my brother and I had growing up! It gets me all excited inside to have a family of my own one day to spend hours at the pool, splashing and having swim races, riding bikes and skateboards till the sun sets, going on family camping trips, picnics, and eating lots and lots of yummy summer snacks.

Next week I start nannying for the summer...two children for just one week, and then another two children (two girls, ages 8 and 5) for the whole month of July. I couldn't be more excited to spend time with kids again, enjoying summer days. And the way the jobs worked out was totally the Lord! 

Now, as I sit here in my nice air conditioned apartment after soaking in the hot, hot sun, I shall drink a bottle of water and start crafting :) 


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