Six Days and Counting

In exactly one week, my favorite boy and I will be basking in the heat of Southern California. We'll be burying our toes in the warm, soft sand and dipping our Colorado bodies in the freezing cold West Coast water. No matter how hot the sand is or how cold the water is, or even how cloudy it may be while we're there...there is nothing that could get me to change my mind about going to the beach and spending a whole afternoon and evening there!

It's been a crazy past couple months with James' job and me becoming a nanny. We've both had long days, frustrating days, days where we just want to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over our heads, and not come out. So, this vacation is MUCH needed :) And the best part about it is getting to spend time with my Dad and Grandma. We'll also be visiting a couple good friends, and (the main reason why we're going) seeing one of my dearest, closest friends get married. Oh my goodness, this is one wedding that I have been so very excited for!

Every time I go to California, there are always specific things I have to do and people I have to see. Such as:

1) Hug, squeeze, talk to, and spend a lot of time with my Dad (duh!)
2) Eat In 'n Out at least three times (#2 with animal style fries, and a sprite...every time.)
3) Spend time talking with my grandma and loving every minute of it (priceless)
4) See Lauren, Marc, and David (Best friends all through junior high and high school...Lauren since we were 4 years old!)
5) Going to the church I grew up in (doesn't happen every time, but maybe this time)
6) Enjoy the beach! (hasn't happened once in the few trips I've taken...but this time it WILL!)
7) Visit Barnes & Noble, my first place of employment and my favorite place to work

I'm so excited to go with James again! To be able to take a vacation with my Best Friend is always the best vacation ever! The day we go to the beach, he promised to take me out to a nice dinner (actually I convinced him to take me out after I bought a new summer dress, haha!). Fresh fish will be AMAZING!

Oh July 28th...please get here quickly....

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  1. Haha! So you'll be coming to Cali for a wedding the exact same time I'll be heading to Texas for one. :p

    I wish you both an amazing trip!