What I'm Loving....

It's my last day being a nanny. I have so many mixed emotions! I'm going to miss this precious baby I've spent the past month with, but I know that this new season of working at Rachel's Challenge is going to be so amazing. Oh yeah....some of you may not know that I got a job as a Marketing Administrator at Rachel's Challenge here in the Springs :) It was totally the Lord. I found out about the job through theMill, sent my resume, had a phone interview the next day, a face-to-face interview a week later, and an hour after I had my interview, I got an email  saying they wanted to offer me the job! Yep. Totally the Lord! I'm so excited for this new season. It's a full time, 40 hour a week, great paying job. So, that's the latest and greatest in my life :)

Today, as I'm sitting here in my sweatshirt and Uggs, I decided to just post something fun! These have been a few of my favorite things as of lately.....

I just love this website so much! So many great ideas for crafting, baking, dressing...you name it. It's been my newest addiction!

Ray LaMontagne-
His voice...is like butter (well according to Ryann it is), but I really do have to agree. Yes.

Bath & Body Works Paris Amour-
This scent is all I wear currently. It smells sooooooo good :)

Mighty Mango Naked Juice-
Since James and I have changed our eating habits, this is pretty much the only juice we can drink since it's all natural and there are no added sugars. I'm a Mighty Mango fan...he's a Green Machine fan (yuck!)

Yes, it's that time of the year where I get to whip out my new cute Ugg boots! I just love them

Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Foot Repair Balm and Spray-
This stuff is Heaven on Earth for my feet! Every night I rub the lotion on and spray the spray. My feet get tingly and smell like mint. I love it.

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  1. Hey girlie!

    How are you?? :) I've started reading more blogs recently and decided I must do so with yours! I love those mighty mango juices and this time of year! Hope you're doing great!!