Through the lens....of my 4s!!

Merry late Christmas and a Happy January 6th! I'm a little behind on my blogging, but oh well, I'm back and hopefully with more posts this year than last (we'll see).

Christmas was absolutely wonderful! Dad was here for almost a week, I got to see my brother, James and I were together (miracle!), and to be honest, I got S-P-O-I-L-E-D! Which is always fun ; ) 

My Dad got me the iPhone 4s and let's just say that I spent more time on it then eating. I may be exaggerating a bit, but I really did spend a lot of time on it over the two weeks I had off for vacation. To have a phone that works again is just simply amazing. AND there are so many fun apps to play with! Currently my favorite and I think it'll be my favorite forever is Instagram. An app that allows you take pictures all the while putting a cute little filter over the photo and even (with another app called Diptic) making a collage out of the photos you take. Heaven! I've always loved photography, but never got into it. Why? Well, I am a lame person. Really...I don't have too many hobby's beside reading and scrapbooking like once a year. And maybe making a craft every so often. But now that I have an iPhone with an incredible camera on it, I've been snapping pictures of everything. I've been working on angles and trying to see things in a different way then just 'point and shoot.' It's been very fun!! And hopefully one day soon, James and I will be getting a Canon and taking photography classes together. Until then, the iPhone will suffice : )

So, for this post...I will share with you my Christmas vacation and James and I's first New Years Eve party through all the pictures I took with my new phone <3

My very FIRST Turkey! It was so yummy!
My good looking Man <3
Homemade sugar cookies with homemade frosting! I ate more than I should have.
The perfectly wrapped presents from James!
Christmas Love <3
Keurig and JB. Perfect! 

My Dad jamming away!
Sherlock Holmes
Birthday Balloons for Dad's 51st
German Chocolate Cake
Dad's favorite : )
Dad blowing out his candles!!
Table Decor

New Years Eve Party

Rose Cakes with frosting and Raspberries

Meant to be

Candid moment