A little behind...

We just got internet in our new home..hence why I'm behind on blogging. But I'm back :)

Husband and I got all moved in late Saturday afternoon, but it all started Friday after work, which made for a very loooooong weekend. We met our new landlord at the townhouse, did the walk through, got the keys, and started unloading James' truck which had a load of stuff in it already. We worked all Friday night getting (most) everything out of the basement we were living in and spent our first night (yay!) in our new home...on a blow up mattress...not the best night of sleep, but it worked. Saturday morning we got up, moved some boxes around, ate Chick-fil-a for breakfast, and met a group of wonderful friends at the storage unit where most of our stuff was. An hour and a half, two trips to the house, and 8 cars later, we were done. HALLELUJAH! James and I were amazed at how fast it all got done. After eating lunch with a few of the friends who were available, we headed back to the basement to grab the left over stuff, and clean it all up. I wanted to be done there so we could concentrate on our new home! We were both so extremely exhausted, but more than anything, thankful! Thankful for amazing friends, a new home, and our mattress, although old, it was better than the blow up :)

Sunday we moved stuff around and prepped for Molly to come live with us! We were so very excited to finally have our new addition. Our wonderful, new friends, Robbie and Carrie came over and welcomed us with a bottle of wine and chew toys for the pup! It was a rough first night with the little one, but we managed. I took Monday off to get rest and James worked from home; we figured it would be good to have a day at home with Molly to help her adjust to her new life. She did very well! The past two days I was out from work with the stomach flu :( So those extra days with Molly were good as well. She was a nuisance at times, only cause she wanted to play, but she did well (for the most part) cuddling me when I slept and keeping herself entertained!

All that to say....it's been a crazy week and I'm ready for this upcoming weekend when my Dad comes out to visit and we can get settled in a little bit more!

I have 6 days to catch up on for my Thankfulness, so let's get down to it ;)

Day 3: Thankful for my hardworking, patient, determined, sexy husband. 
He was such a trooper moving all Friday night and was so gracious with me when I got stubborn about staying in our new place. I just love him (more times infinity) and could not be more excited to start this new season of life with him!

AND: So so incredibly thankful for all the friends who helped us! We really couldn't have done it with out you all!
Jared and Mary Claire
Beto and Kelly
David and Simone
Rob and Carrie

Day 4: Thankful for our own place! For the longest time, James and I have both lived in a basement. James lived at home and his room was in the basement. I've been in a basement room for a long time, and then we moved into a basement. No more basement for us!! We now have two bedrooms, and two flights of stairs, and a dining room with our own table in it and a wood burning fire place for cold, winter nights, and our own, new couches...ahhh, it's so wonderful :)

Day 5: Thankful for my job. It's been such a blessing working at Rachel's Challenge the past year. I've learned so much not only about the mission for the organization, but about the public school system and the kids that attend. My heart breaks when I hear stories about kids coming from horrible homes or being in the foster care system, but then I fill with joy knowing they are hearing a message of hope and compassion! I am also thankful to have a job that helps pay for our bills so husband and I can live comfortably! 

Day 6: Thankful for the sunshine that shines in the windows. It's the simple things sometimes :)

Day 7: 7up, Chicken Noodle Soup, Saltines, a cuddly puppy, and my favorite show ever, Friends :) Everything to help soothe an upset tummy.

Day 8: Jourdan Foran, who I've only known for a year (since working at RC), but who has become such a great, trustworthy, honest, true, hilarious, dear friend. I just really love her to pieces and am blessed to have her in my life!

That's all she wrote folks....for today at least ;) Have a lovely Thursday!
P.S. It's almost the weekend...praise Jesus!


  1. You moved!!! Love that you got a new place. I was like "what blog is this again?" when I saw it, then I realized it was yours! :) Wish I could find a place like Rachel's Challenge to work for out here...what do you do there?

    1. Thank you girl! I'll be posting pictures soon of our new place :) Rachel's Challenge really has been a wonderful place. My title is 'Database Specialist' which is a fancy way of saying I sit in front of the computer all day ;) But my main job is generating and sending out all the contracts between us (RC) and the schools/conferences we go to. Not the most glamorous job, but it pays the bills and I work with really great people! How did you get so many followers on your blog? Do you feel like you get a lot of traffic?