Be thankful everyday!

Day 21: Thankful for time spent in the kitchen (and the money) to make sweet treats! Also thankful that the Tisthammer/Harrison/Catarisano families let us celebrate Thanksgiving and gather around the table with them to share memories and stories!

Day 22: Thankful for a day where we celebrate Thankfulness ;) A day where people all around the nation gather with friends and families to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole (yuck!), yams, rolls, and stuffing! It's a beautiful day, every year, no matter the circumstances!
Annnnnd, late night shopping adventures with great friends! Thanks Tisthammers for joining us and fighting the crowds :)

Happy Thanksgiving from the Carton Family!
Day 23: Black Friday. Loooooove this day! We live in a consumer's world, and I'm not going to lie...I love shopping for stuff! But just being in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is so heartwarming...and at times, frustrating ;)

Day 24: New hair. And new boots.

From red, to brown, to honey blonde! Change is so fun!

Day 25: Late nights playing games and eating pizza with friends who have become our extended family!

Day 26: Conversations with those I love over email who are thousands of miles away! Thankful for Rhonda Miller who pretty much adopted me as her 2nd daughter.

Day 27: Thankful to have met a wonderful couple from Germany and are geting to learn about their lives, their culture, their language, and how they cook amazing food!

Day 28: New recipes to cook for my husband that he loves. Give these delicious Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps from Mel's Kitchen Cafe a try! I would not steer you wrong ;)

Day 29: Hot tea, pumpkin cookies, and Settlers with the Menegocci's. Such a fun night with much laughter and getting to know each other better :) We are thankful to know you guys and call you friends!

Day 30: Thankful for the good and not-so-good seasons in life. Sometimes husband and I don't get along and argue over (what seems like) everything. But I'm reminded that we are both human, that we have our own opinions about situations and that we're still both learning how to communicate, how to love, and how to encourage each other! I'm thankful that we have the Lord, cause if we didn't...I don't know how we would make it!

November has been such a wonderful month of newness in my life! A new home, new puppy, new friendships. Although change is hard for me, I've enjoyed this season of growing (as well as growing up) and learning more about myself and those around me. As this month comes to a close, I'm reminded how wonderful it has been to say what I'm thankful for everyday for a month, but it also challenges me that this needs to be my mindset everyday of the year! There is always something to be thankful for :)
I can't wait to see what the Lord does throughout the month of December!

And....can I just take a moment to say how excited I am it's Christmas month!! Christmas music hasn't stopped in a week, the house is just about decorated, and I've watched Home Alone I & II at least 5 times already ;)

Have a lovely Friday friends!


  1. ...its very hard to believe that our friendship started this month!! we feel like we have known you guys FOREVER ♥ so thankful for you both!

    1. I know!! We say the same thing :) We're so very thankful for you guys and your friendship...and that we can be ourselves around you <3