We're almost there..

I am thankful for...

Day 16: Date night at home with my love. We were supposed to go for our monthly date night...ya know, a nice dinner, a movie, Starbucks...but James wasn't feeling well, so we had a date night in! I love that we started having intentional date nights to catch up on life, talk about what's going on in our hearts, where we're at financially, spiritually, and mentally. It's so refreshing to just sit and talk about life with my best friend!

Day 17: Organizing skills and Pine sol. Husband and I spent all day Saturday organizing (and rearranging) our house, organizing our movies, and scrubbing the floors and walls. The "professional cleaners" the landlord said cleaned the house, failed miserably. I was on my hands and knees for a couple hours cleaning up the nonsense the previous tenets left behind; food on the walls, food on the floor, holes in the walls I had to patch up. It's slowly coming together and smelling much cleaner these days!

Day 18: Celebrating my dear friend Britt Jackson and her little man Lincoln who will be gracing us with his presence in no time! Another friend, Mishayla and I, planned a Mustache Bash for Britt which turned out to be so cute with lots of tasty food! It was such a joy taking the time to celebrate a new life and help prep the parents-to-be with fun gifts!

Husband and I also got to spend Sunday evening with great friends playing Settlers! We're both pretty terrible, but there's nothing like having an evening with great friends, playing a board game, eating sweets, and drinking wine (or hot tea if you're like me!).

Day 19: Making some extra cash by selling items on Craigslist! We just sold a table and chair set, which is perfect cause my wonderful husband said I could use that cash to get my hair did! He's the best ever! And we don't have to pull cash from our budget which means, we can still make payments on our debt! Hallelujah!

Day 20: That it's my last full day at work for the week! Tomorrow I only work half day and then it's time to start cooking and baking for Thanksgiving!! 

Have a great week friends :)

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