About Me

Hello there!
I'm autumn rae.

I married my best friend in July of 2012 and life has been a crazy ride ever since! We also just added first "child" to our little family. Meet Molly!

Hot tea, books, Pinterest, candles, crafts, scarves, thunderstorms, good music, 
the Autumn season (go figure!), worship, game night, quality time with James, exercising, camping, coloring my hair, cooking, 
hiking, conversations over coffee, tattoos, laughing a lot

Driving in the snow, black licorice, snakes, allergies, being sick, 
below zero weather, 
super glue on my skin, shaving my legs (poor husband)

Random Things About Me:
Took piano lessons for 7 years, a Boston Red Socks and 
Denver Broncos fan, I l-o-v-e people watching, 
grew up in Southern California, 
favorite color changes with the seasons, 
sort of a health nut, a reality TV show enthusiast, 
 a huge Duck Dynasty fan, can't wait to be a mom one day,
and am an ISFJ on the Myers Briggs Test (that can tell you a lot about me). 

I love Jesus more than anything.
I live and breath for Him and Him alone.

read the printed word!